Go Within, Reveal, and Inspire Others

Revealed - Karen M.

I had the honor this week to speak with the South County Cancer Survivor Group about my Revealed Project. It was an amazing experience for myself as well as the group. We watched the Revealing Revealed film, viewed many Revealed and This I Believe Revealed portraits, and then the discussion started.  “What would you put in your box? What would you Reveal?” I asked.  “Pictures of my family! My family is everything to me…but that isn’t something that people don’t already know.”  said one woman. Another woman piped up and said “My pencil.  I always have my pencil with me…it helps me be organized…but I just noticed that it is broken.  What does that mean?” From these two statements, the conversation suddenly became very introspective as another woman said “Seeing this makes me realize that I need to spend more time on self-reflection.  This is exactly what having cancer did to me…I realized that I needed to focus on ME, take care of ME, and let others help ME. Revealed makes me think about that and remind me to go within.” Several women admitted that if it wasn’t for having cancer, they would of never spent the time to look within and think about themselves.

I was moved, and delighted, by the conversation that was unfolding…it was deeply personal as I was privy to this intimate discussion amongst these amazing women…fighters and survivors. When I am a part of such conversations, I walk away with a deeper meaning of Revealed and even insights into the person I am.

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with such an amazing group of people…I came away with gratitude and inspiration as their energy and enthusiasm for Revealed reminded me that I am helping others to go within, reveal, and inspire others.