THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject interview with Wendy Lawton


THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject Wendy Lawton discusses the project and the impact it had on her. Her This I Believe essay is titled “Redemption”

RIPR (Rhode Island National Public Radio) This I Believe and Scott Indermaur’s REVEALED are two projects that have been easily merged and complement each other to create the project THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED. This collaboration makes an even greater impression and impact on Rhode Islanders through print, radio and photography that create a unique and multi-dimensional experience and personal connection for the audience. Lawton’s essay may also be heard at RIPR’s website.

The collaboration features the essays of Rhode Islanders who share the core values that guide their daily lives and those individuals sharing those core values as REVEALED subjects. The result is a powerful combination of creativity, words and photography.

This project is made possible in part by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Wendy Lawton’s verbal essay –

Video may also be seen on Vimeo.

New Revealed and The Box Process

If you haven’t visited the “Revealed Project” section of this site recently, you are in for a treat!  I’ve added 11 new subjects from Rhode Island and California…another breathtaking addition to this project and now over 160 subjects taken in five different states.

Putting together these Revealed boxes has created all sorts of logistical challenges. It reminds me of creating art in kindergarden. A little tape here, some glue there, balance this item, and even a little faith that it will look the way it’s intended to look. If something won’t stick, maybe it’s meant to not be there.

The act of putting together the Revealed box is a very important process of being Revealed. It’s a time to reflect on everything you have been putting together during the 2-weeks leading up to the photography session. A time to make the decision of what belongs in the box, what needs to be left out and how these items need to be shared . Sirry’s (left) box amazingly stayed together while she was able to really get into her space and project those emotions associated with her Revealings. The process can be very simple, and for some it can be very complicated.

A subject recently emailed me, “To me, the process itself had opened my mind to a whole new way of revealing, accepting, and forgiving the past and myself. So, for that, thank you for this courageous project and for including me. Through the journey; I’ve became stronger and yet, more peaceful.”

This reminds me how important it is to slow down and look within. Something this project has reminded me to do,  over and over again. I know it isn’t always easy for me to do. However, it is so rewarding and life changing when you dedicate a portion of your life looking within and opening your mind.

I challenge you to spend 5 minutes today and think about who you are.